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Silver by Lemor in Breslau (Wroclaw) 1818-1945

Special cutlery sets, Julius Lemor Company, around 1900; photograph: René E. Pech

Special Exhibition from December 08th, 2018 –
March 10th, 2019 

In 1818, Johann Adam Lemor founded a small silver forge, in the following decades it developed to become the biggest siverware manufactory in Eastern Germany. Until 1945, the company produced fine silverware in Breslau and was especially known for its wide range of silver cutlery.

Rainer Lemor, a descendant of the last owner, has been tracing the company’s history for several decades and has compiled a comprehensive collection of silverware, including more than 2.500 pieces of cutlery. He has handed this collection over to the Silesian Museum as a permanent loan, and big parts of it are now being presented in the exhibition.

The accompanying publication is really useful for collectors offering criteria for the identification of cutlery sets. It is completed with an article about silver hallmarks in Breslau between 1818 and 1945, including pictures of all trademarks of that time.